What is Safi Protocol

Safi Protocol
2 min readNov 21, 2022


What does the Safi Protocol do?
It allows renewable energy projects to tokenize and issue real world
climate assets to potential investors in the form of NFTs.

Why is Safi trying to solve this problem?
1. There is a huge gap in the financing of renewable energy projects
due to the lack of efficient capital deployment mechanisms, costs
associated with conducting due diligence, insufficient collateralization,
administrative & political bottlenecks, among others.
2. Almost a billion people globally lack access to clean energy, with the
numbers disproportionately spread out across Latin America, Asia and
3. Existing web3 projects tackling climate change have neither the
experience nor the drive to tackle the massively undervalued
potential of clean energy projects in the said regions.
4. Increasing global interest and awareness on the funding of clean
energy projects, in line with global net zero emission targets.
5. The absence of an accurate framework for generating, tracking and
recording the underlying value of climate based assets.

How will the Safi Protocol Solve the problem?
By leveraging the power of web3 in unlocking the inherent value available
in illiquid , real world climate assets to investors globally. This will be
achieved by;

1. Tokenizing real world projects and offering them to investors.
2. Allowing investors real time access to crucial data generated by the
3. Using the data collected to generate precise and reliable carbon
4. Build and grow a community through incentives and
training/sensitization efforts.
5. Partnering with advanced web3 ecosystem members to showcase the
high threshold of carbon credits tracked under the Safi standard.

Where will Safi Protocol launch ?
The product shall be rolled out in Kenya in 2023 Q1, and in Nigeria in 2023

In Summary
Safi Protocol is a logical, real-world application of decentralized finance
principles for the disintermediation of a fragmented, illiquid industry that
needs attention.
The project couldn’t have come at a better time, considering the
accelerated efforts towards green energy solutions, and the growing
interest in web3 , especially on the African continent.
Not only will Safi enable the takeoff of many clean energy projects, it shall
bring about radical transparency to the climate asset recording process,
while benefiting communities both locally and globally and incentivizing